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...quality before quantity

...much more than a brand. it should be a sound, a style, a state of mind – a way of life that makes you dance, smile, cry, think, dream and experience.

...we believe in working as a team. At SOULPLAY, we do not assign titles to employees, which can often create unwanted barriers, but rather work as a family to reach collective goals. We believe that a small, dedicated team can and will outperform a larger, fragmented group every time.

...SOULPLAY has standards that all staff members and interns must uphold. The dedication that we place on our work will reflect in everything we do. Musically, creatively, artistically, and business-wise, our principles will set the tone that others will want to follow.

Here are some thoughts for upholding our standards:

 Strive for perfection
 Approach all you do with passion, it will reflect in your results.
 Think outside the box. There are many ways to complete tasks.
 Use your resources, take advantage of your surroundings
 Be professional in your manner
 Understand your capabilities, work to enhance your skills
 Be realistic in setting goals
 No experience is wasted unless you fail to obtain the knowledge
 Always have a "can do" attitude
 Understand the importance of good public relations and treat others with respect