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First of all, it’s not all about the DJ; it’s all about your musical experience!

Below you will find a short overview about our SOULPLAY DJ’s
plus individual links to more information on each DJ.

More DJ's to come soon...
For booking and further information please feel free to contact us by email.

DJ Funky T (CH)

plays Classic Disco Tunes, Soul & Funk

Located in Berne, Switzerland

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DJ Matrama (CH)

plays Soulful 80ies, R&B, NeoSoul, Disco Classics

Located in Berne, Switzerland

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DJ Mickey D (UK)

plays Classic Disco Tunes, NeoSoul & 80's Funk

Located in London, England

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DJ Ronnie Herel (UK)

plays Disco Classics, R'n'B, Soul & Funky House

Located in London, England

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DJ Spoogy (CH)

plays Classic Disco, Funk, Nu Soul,  R’n'B, Jazz-Funk

Located in Aarau, Switzerland

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DJ Unic (CH)

plays Soulful 80ies, R&B, NeoSoul, Funk, Dance Classics

Located in Berne, Switzerland

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Booking Information

For the most up to date DJ availability list please email us direct for a free quote. We will not give your email address away to any third parties. All enquiries are strictly confidential. Please provide as much information as possible about your event.

We supply only the most experienced up and coming DJs, so you can be assured of a reasonable fee yet an extremely professional performance. We hand pick only the best DJs. They are experienced and ready to play for you. Hotels, resorts, fashion shows, private parties, night clubs, sponsored tours, corporate events, product launches and weddings – you name it.

DJ performance fees depend on many factors including the DJ's current demand and timetable. However fees are sometimes negotiable as we aim to take into account each individual clients' circumstances including; your total budget, the event size or number of people and the number of hours you would require a DJ for. We will also need to take into account any travel costs and also if any overnight accommodation is required. We can also offer a reduced rate should you wish to book a number of gigs or a tour.

Important to our evaluation will be information such as; does your chosen venue have its own complete sound system or will you need the DJ to bring his own equipment and organise a DJ PA system for you? Additional information we require will be the type of music that you would want your DJ to play.